Meet the Female Tradespeople Making Domestic Violence Victims Feel Safe – Broadly


Published by Broadly VICE AU, March 1 2017.

by Sammi Taylor

For some women, especially survivors of domestic violence, having tradesmen in their homes is deeply uncomfortable. That’s where Australia’s new generation of female “tradies” comes in, simultaneously taking the fear away and driving a new wave.

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Oscar Winners Are Even Easier to Predict Than You Think, Study Says


Published by Broadly VICE AU, February 22 2017.

by Sammi Taylor

When it comes to diversity, Academy Members are living in La La Land.

As long as you’re an American actor in American film about a facet of American culture that resonates with old, white men, the chances of clutching an Oscar to your American bosom is firmly within your grasp, according to a new study by the University of Queensland in Australia.

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Women want ‘pink viagra’ to make sex better, not more frequent – Broadly


Published by Broadly VICE AU, February 17, 2017

by Rebecca Kamm and Sammi Taylor

There were high hopes the arrival of “pink Viagra” would herald a blissful new age of pharmaceutically enhanced female libidos. But the uptake of flibanserin, approved by the FDA in 2015 for the treatment of low sex drive in women (also known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder), has failed to sparked the revolution it might have. The effects of the drug, which is currently being sold under the trade name Addyi, are reportedly small: somewhere between eight and 13 percent. Secondly, its potential side effects include nausea, sleepiness, and dizziness—decidedly unsexy states of being for most of us.

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