I’m a regular contributor for Broadly, VICE’s womens and LGBTQI platform. After interning with Broadly in early 2017, I started working as a casual editorial assistant for Broadly as part of the VICE AU team in Melbourne.

My work for Broadly spans news, feature writing, interviews and photo essays across a range of topics including health, feminism and LBGTQI issues.

Mesmerizing Before and After Photos of Drag Transformations

Broadly AU

Published Jan 31, 2017

Due to Amount of Unpaid Labor, Experts Say Women Should Have Shorter Work Weeks

Broadly AU

Published Feb 4, 2017

Women want ‘pink viagra’ to make sex better, not more frequent 

Broadly AU

Published Feb 17, 2017

Oscar winners are even easier to predict than you think, study says

Broadly AU

Published Feb 22, 2017

Meet the Female Tradespeople Making Domestic Violence Victims Feel Safe

Broadly AU

Published Mar 1, 2017

Meet ‘SHElvis’, Australia’s only female Elvis

Broadly AU

Published April 7, 2017




The women sleeping their lives away to lose weight

Broadly AU

Published June 6, 2017